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Battlefront Says It's Still Alive


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From today's bog entry:

"Progress this week!

Combat Mission Campaigns is making progress! A power session between Charles, Rob (main CMC programmer) and Bruce (CMC mastermind) last week has allowed the team to squish half a dozen critical bugs in the interaction between the strategic (CMC) and tactical (CMBB) layers. This allows the team to make a major leap towards the next large and more stable beta release. Keep your eyes and ears open, because we're going to make a public call for beta testers once the time comes."



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"Once the time comes" refers to the next beta release. One key goal is to make installation easier than what we have right now (it requires a bit of juggling of CMBB and CMC files currently). We just got a new version of CMBB that integrates better with CMC (this integration was a source of many problems in the past) and once the installer for a new complete version is ready we'll start the call for testers (after trimming the current/old team back a bit)...


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Very glad to see this game's still with us (whistles up Winecape for Ultimate ROW, meanwhile hoping NG cavscout finds his CMBB disk), but perplexed about the new version of the game you mentioned. Since you're here, could I please appeal to BFC via you to fix at least the most egregious Russian projectile modeling issues (ably documented by JasonC on the CMBB Forum) as part of the CMC release process, as well as perhaps giving us the vehicles which were ready to go but didn't fit on the CMBB disk?

Thanks for all you do!


Is that Bryce? Nice glories!


John Kettler

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Originally posted by gibsonm:

And let the scope creep begin ....

I'd suspect that what is "new" is "CMC integration", not some wish list you guys had from what 5-6 years ago.

On the other hand, the thing would be pretty useless if they left the fortification bug in...
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