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const.repeating sound-fragm. = game freeze

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pIII~733 qdi-motherboard



CDV-version (does this matter?)

i removed the intellim. but no use. a few seconds after i`ve started anything in game, i get this sound-failure. this typicall, constantly staggering one, calling for "reboot".

i have no clue how to solve this, as i`m also confused `cause cmbb went fine (..back then). :(

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I don't know what version of Windows you're using, but there may be some newer drivers available for the ALS4000. Avance Logic was bought by Realtek of Taiwan. The latest driver (for Win2K/XP/9x/ME) is A1.10 dated 10/26/2001.

There may also be issues with your motherboard and the sound chip. Possibly downloading the latest chipset drivers may help. I'm guessing that your motherboard may be based on a VIA chipset, in which case you'll want to download the Hyperion 4-in-1 drivers (though I don't know how much they may help or hurt).

I don't know if a BIOS update is available or would help with this situation too.

Which ATI Rage 128 driver do you have installed ?

Is the "intellim" a Microsoft Intellimouse ?

You say that CMBB worked fine in the past on this system and now it doesn't ? Do you know what may have changed since then ?

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Thx Schrullenhaft! , you`re the "help" to this forum`s corner, ain`t ya? smile.gif

to the problem,

win98(nontroubling in past)

ati 128 is a magnumXpert128/..2000, driver is dated: 6-13-2000 probably the 128rage-familiy one(?k?)

trouble i have with the 1.10 for my Als4000. in my "hardware-profile" i have several (like midi, pci..etc.) "driver" listed below my soundcard. when i unzip the 1.10 n` install it, there is only "one" driver-slot [yes, i have little pc-kno..] AND SOUNDS ARE GONE. deinstalled, reset all, tried to handle it manualy, only the pci-driver..no use.

intellim. = microsoft intellimouse (me lazy fool:)

cmbb..all data/mods were lost by format:c (snif) n` also sold all games afterwards. so i reinitialized my pc completely. but changes? hmm?

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It sounds like you have some big problems with your sound card. I would have expected the latest drivers to work, though I haven't inspected them myself. I believe I may have an ALS4000 card around somewhere, but it would be quite awhile before I could put it in a system to test out.

'PCI' would probably be the driver to delete and reinstall. Some of the MIDI stuff may just be generic Microsoft drivers, but I'm not sure. If there is an uninstaller, that may be worth running (or something listed in 'Add/Remove Programs' control panel).

The latest Rage 128 driver for Win9x/ME is 4.12.7192 dated (or just "posted") 10/22/2001. However I doubt that it would do anything with your current problem which seems particularly sound related. This driver requires DirectX 8.x or later.

What motherboard (or 'system' such as a HP Pavilion 4384, etc.) do you have ?

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  • 2 weeks later...

damn i had to learn for study-test. no use anyway..heh(buhu)

i give it (new-driver) a try the following days. sorry i`m realy thankful for your help, but my daytime-live is a .."troublesome" a/m.

my motherboard is a QDI by legend.hm? i opened the system-folder and i read:

system:win98 2nd edit. "4.10,2222" registered for-

(and a little below)

genuineintel -x86family ..

i look for my "garanties-folder-BAG"..this may have the answer.

when you test your als4000 it`ll be cool, but i quess i have to afford a new one. no?

ps: the driver-package problem. i`m allowed to remove them all or none.. i guess the system thinks it`s one, and so mixes everything..

anyway, THX :D

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The best source of audio drivers for AC97 audio implementations is the motherboard manufacturer. Realtek does provide some drivers that you can download here (v. A3.57).

I don't know if newer drivers will fix your problem. Does the sound constantly repeat as soon as you start playing or only after you've been playing for awhile ? You can also adjust the 'Hardware Sound Acceleration Level' in the Dxdiag applet's Sound tab (type in 'dxdiag' at the Run command in the Start menu). Adjusting this slider to the left may help with this problem.

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Hi, Schrullenhaft,

Thanks for information, After playing a while, Game is freezing and this repeating sound becoming.. I have already downloaded and installed these new drivers,

I have adjusted this slider to the normal level(at orijinal was maximum point) and I haven't seen any problem till now (aproximetely for 4 days)..I have learned this tip from other thread :)

I will inform to you any problem..

Thanks again for your helps..

Best Regards

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..thx Schrullenhaft(re), you didn`t mentioned it here but in "some" other topic.

-well, it was the fan. this small ridicoulus(ugh) part nippling above the ram. funny no? (*buhuu*)

me de-cursed go n` build some scenarios now, i`m 3months behind.. :D

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