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whats the latest ?


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Originally posted by Ted:

There seems to be posts most everyday in the Beta Forum so somebody is still working on it.

With no other source of information that is better than nothing to assume that means they're still working on it.

The fact that some of us players still come here looking, asking, posting shows there is still interest. But as has been said before a lot of their potential market has probably given up and moved on making for less revenue if/when it does come out.

Maybe to get this to see the light of day they may want to consider scaling down the project somehow and publish it as a pure support tool instead of a campaign game system. That would generate revenue and interest and then maybe a year from now they could finally publish their finished product with any buying an early light version a substantial discount.

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This was posted by Hunter on November 21st. Being on beta 6 isn't bad, but I think they ran into some fundamental problems with the way they were implementing fog of war in the game, and so I'm guessing they needed to do some serious redesign on the game. That's about the only thing I can think of that would have caused such a long delay.

My prediction is Q2, 2007.

Originally posted by Hunter:


We are having some problems getting to the end, but it isn't all bad news.

We do have all the tanks and vehicles modelled now, every single one.

The beta testers are working on beta 6, and bugs from that are being attended to.

I wouldn't think anything much more will be done this calendar year, as far as public announcements and so on.

Sorry, sometimes things take longer than planned.


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I'm happy enough to hear they are getting rid of the bugs. Just imagine what the CM community would say if they brought out the game early, full of bugs! :eek:

But... it would be nice if they could at the very least keep their loyal followers updated (even if it's just a few words!).

I think it may hit their sales when it does come out as someone pointed out, the casual CM player would of moved on to other games :(

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Casual CM players?.... Is there really such a thing?

I watch this site and occationally pipe in. You can bet there are at least a few others keeping their eyes on it too who never say anything.

I'm not nearly as pessimistic about their sales when it comes out. In fact, you watch the wildfire. I doubt there are many CM players who are "casual". All those dormant CM players will be back at it. It will be just like they had released "CM - Warsaw to Paris" or somethin'! We are a dedicated bunch, make no mistake. "Have a little faith, baby. What's with all these negative vibes...?"

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