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"m2m" campaign rules for CMBB

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since CMC is not yet get finished, I want to share my personal "campaign" ruleset, named "Move to Moskow" (m2m) when playing CMBB.

Therefor I have set up a litte webpage where you can find all information and a MS Excel file required for playing:

m2m Ruleset Homepage

Maybe you like the ruleset, too - feel free to post your thoughts/ideas/improvement suggestions here in the forum.

Happy campaigning,

Blast Duke

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Hi BlastDuke.

I'm in the process of putting together a ruleset for a campaign game.

It's called:

Combat Mission: Solitaire Campaign System. (CM:SCS)

Although the title says solitaire the battles can be played head to head or PBEM.

I was relieved to see it differs a fair bit from you ruleset. I thought I might have to throw mine out of the window.

I like the look of running three campaigns but would do it in the following manner.

Move to Moscow

Move to Leningrad

Move to Stalingrad

The aim of the game would be to hold all 3 cities simultaneously in order to force a Russian surrender.

Taking Moscow and Leningrad by winter 41 and then pushing south in 42 while holding the first two against Russian counter attacks would be a very interesting game.

I'll watch with interest to how people respond to this and what they say as it might effect how I complete my campaign game.

Good luck JT Fox

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