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How will fuel be displayed tactically?

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@Elmar Bijlsma: Isnt it most of the time only the map/scenario designer that can edit the map and change terrain underneath a vehicle? I dont think cmc either can change anything on the human made cmbb map. Some other problems may occur by this

1. Setup zones size and placement may depend on the previous battle outcome.

2. Troops seems to be placed within the zone randomly from the start, then changed the next time you play the scenario.

3. Quite hard for the designer to predict 1. and 2.

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What about vehicle, recovery & repair; the operation parameters.

If one or both sides/nations have none or poor vehicle recovery. And if some tanks are immobile because they are out of fuel. Will they be removed off the map just because of that, and never come back?

Thats the way I think cmbb handles immobile vehicles when none or poor parameters are set.

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