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I am a resident of the US and I pre-ordered the retail version of CMBB. It arrived in stores today and I got my copy :D . Unfortunately I can't seem to install the game. I own a PC with windows xp. I tried double clicking on the CMBB Installer icon, I tried using the run program feature in the start menu, I tried using the add/remove programs feature in the control panel, and finally I read the trouble shooting and downloaded winRAR and tried to open CMBB Installer with that. Same thing happened everytime, the busy lights turn on on the tower and it makes alot of noise and then my computer freezes and/or delivers a "program not responding" message. I tried restarting my computer with the disk in it and then tried all the above methods. Needless to say I'm at the end of my rope :mad: . Is there anyone who has had this problem and knows what to do or can offer me more than the manual or website?

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see sticky Topic: New CMBB Troubleshooting Page Now Available

Problem: Setup halts part way through the install process. May indicate a problem reading a specific file or resource.

Cause/Solution #1: Could be a dirty or scratched CD. Use some rubbing alcohol and dilute it with water (about a capful total) Dip a cotton swab or Q-tip into the solution and then gently rub the soaked swab across the shiny surface of the CD. Be sure to work any area that show smudges or scratches. Let the CD air dry. Reinsert the CD and try to reinstall. You can also use any aftermarket CD Cleaning kit or cleaning system to do the above.

Cause/Solution #2: Some DVD and CD drives can have a problem reading a CD that is as full as the CMBB one (almost 100% full). Try copying the entire "CMBB Installer.exe" file from the CD to your hard drive first and then running the install from the hard drive.

Cause/Solution #3: Try and put the CMBB disc in a different CD drive if your system has more than one and then launch the installer.

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