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Help! Save me from GeFo 3!


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hi there folks.

something very odd is going on.

Got a new PC, asus MB, AMD Athalon XP 1800 etc etc. Gainward Ge Fo 3 64mb and every time i try to install the drivers fro the vid card, no matter which set, it goes ok until after i restart.

then it displays the usual desktop for three seconds till my screen becomes a mess of colors. No cause or noticeable reason. XP says the vid card is causing it. I am completely lost!

Can't see any reason why?! redface.gif



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Does the video card work if you uninstall the GeForce drivers and install the card as a Standard VGA adaptor? I am asking because it sounds like the video card itself may be bad, and if it won't work right as a standard VGA adaptor, then it probably is defective.

XP often lumps IRQs together internally, and that in itself might not be the cause of your problems. But, you could try removing the sound card and raid card for troubleshooting, just to see if they are part of the problem.

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XP utilizes ACPI which will often lump all PCI and AGP devices to one IRQ, so what you're seeing is normal. However some drivers don't like this arrangement and may cause problems with this scheme. To disable ACPI you'll have to have a CMOS/BIOS setting for it that would allow for disabling that feature (many motherboards don't have this). After that is disabled you would need to reinstall XP from scratch in order for it to utilize a standard PNP scheme. There are ways of doing this from within in the registry (changing the 'PC Type'), but I don't know exactly how they're accomplished and you may run into problems attempting to hack around this.

I don't know if the problem you're describing could be attributed to the ACPI scheme or not. It's possible that one of your devices doesn't like AGP and the video card is the most notable effect of this problem (though probably not the cause in and of itself). Running the card as a Standard VGA device will determine that it is working in a very basic manner - something that it probably is already doing. The video card could still be bad and work without problem with Standard VGA drivers. What particular driver version did you load up anyway ? Some of the Detonator 4 series drivers (21-23.xx) have problems with VIA chipset motherboards. The latest BETAs don't have these problems. I'd suggest installing a chipset driver before the video driver too.

If you have the time and inclination you may want to try a test by pulling out all of your expansion cards except your video card (this means your RAID card too, which I assume is IDE) and performa a reinstall of XP. Install the Geforce driver and see if things work. If they do they you may want to install your sound card (if it is a PCI card and not on-board), your NIC, etc. One at a time and see if there is any affect on your video. The last device you'll want to try is the RAID card. Some of these hardware installations (especially the RAID card) may require you to reinstall XP from scratch.

You'll also want to check out any BIOS upgrades for your video, RAID and motherboard.

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ACPI will over-ride the individual IRQ settings for your PCI/AGP slots. ACPI settings may be found in the Power Saving area of some CMOS/BIOS setups. If the option for disabling it doesn't exist there may be an option for disabling the IRQ assigned to the ACPI controller. Another thing that may control IRQ assignment is the setting for 'Plug and Play OS'. With this enabled Windows can assign the IRQs for devices. With this setting disabled the BIOS settings take precedence (which can help in some situations).

Basically your ACPI controller is going to take over IRQ assignment and until that setting is disabled in the CMOS/BIOS, you'll be unable to manage your IRQ assignments directly.

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