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Yet ANOTHER Silly Newbie Question

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And thanks for your help with the prior one, guys. smile.gif The Tech Support and Community is really awesome here. I doubt you'll see me much, but I do follow the boards.

Okay... how do you load saved games? I know how to save; I just can't find anyplace where they're listed to load. Now, I'll likely play CM again and see it right there, after you good people have taken time to help me. Which is what happened last time I asked one of these silly questions. Thanks again.

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Do you see scenarios and operations that weren't included with CM in your listings ? If not, then you may be running CM off of your CDROM rather than the hard drive. You may want to check where your shortcut/alias is pointing to for launching CM and verify that it is a hard drive based copy that your launching.

As others pointed out, the saved scenario or operation will typically be near the top of your list with the text in a different color (reddish-orange for the default 2D screens that come with CM).

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Yeah... hrm... I'm getting a little frustrated, as I've also just found out that some of the scenarios I've downloaded are listed on the in-game list while a lot aren't. For instance, nothing in the Normandy pack is on there. Can't select it. So, can't save, can't get all the scenarios. I've unzipped them into the scenarios folder... everything was saved as default. I'm really at a loss as to what's up...

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Well, this is an interesting little bug. I start CM from a shortcut on my desktop. So, I went into explorer to poke around and decided to start it from the directory listing. And, guess what? All the stuff I had downloaded was there. What's more, I made a NEW shortcut to my desktop, deleted the old one and started it from shortcut 2, and it was fine. I'm not sure if this will solve the saved game issues, as the games I saved aren't listed anywhere within the saved games folder, but it solved something. Don't know if anyone else is experiencing these issues or no.

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Let's start this from the beginning.

First of CM *will* run from the CD. However if you do that, no matter what you install whether it be graphic mods or scenarios, they won't we accessed because if you run off of the CD, the executable you are accessing is indeed on the CD and will only pull "resources" of of the CD.

OK, now then. If you are indeed running of of the CD, then your attempts at saving games are probably not even happening as it obviously won't write to the CD.

I have a feeling that this is what you're doing. Your shortcut was probably pointing to the executable on the CD

OK. Now that we got that out of the way, let's go back to the install process.

When you get your CD, and assuming you have a Windows PC, you place the CD in the drive. There is NO auto-play feature. So in order to install it, you have to manually access your CD drive through "My Computer" and select your CD drive. Then the CD contents will show. You must double-click on Setup.exe. This installs the game to the Hard drive.

Now to play from the Hard drive you must make a shortcut from the Combat Mission executable from the directory in which you installed the game. The default directory is C:\Program Files\Cmbo. Make a shortcut from that directory and then ALL your problems will be solved.

Then to test it. Start a game. Save it using ALT-S and then Abort Mission. Then go back to the Scenario listing. Your saved game WILL appear in RED-ORANGE text at the top of the scenario list.

There is no bug here. It's just a matter of a shortcut pointing to the wrong place.

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