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I didn't know CMSF featured Nukes

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I was playing a game earlier, first of all after a short stutter my units teleported into one far corner of the map, then after another stutter there was the mother of all explosions, the size of the crater is unbelivable, as expected all units died.

Save file available upon request.




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I'm not surprised you weren't able to replicate it. We'd have seen this before if it was easy to reproduce. Which would take all the fun out of the novelty of this "event" you experienced :D

Regardless of what happened, I have your screenshots saved in a folder. Since the early days of CMBO development I've saved screenshots of really crazy stuff like this for a chuckle later. Unfortunately, I usually forget to either take them or save them.


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This happened to be once before during the campaign on one of the city maps towards the end.

I was in the middle of the battle and once again the game locked up. But instead of ending the program and restarting my computer I messed around with the task manager a bit and got it running again. To be greated by lag, the sound of a huge ass explosion, and the whole city consumed in a crater besides for the demolished buildings. The battle immediately ended in a draw. Almost all of my force and that of the enemy was destroyed.

I took some screenshots (or at least pressed the print screen button) and eventually redid the scenario but I have no clue where those screenshots ended up.

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Repeat after me.

"I will not use a GOW weapon in CMSF ever again!"

The only logical explanation is that somehow one of your guys used the Hammer of God to call down an orbital strike. If he's still alive, suggest you rigorously interrogate him as to how he came by it. Now, look this way....FLASH.


John Kettler

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