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2 Units "can Swich" positions

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Engine: Current

Synopsis: Units can "swich" position if they have both enough mouvement points


often there is simply not enough place to mouve 2 units in a certain defense line.

with the "Swich option" the Player can: Attac with Army A click on "Swich with" and then click on an other unit in range i.e. Corps B ( who still has mouving points ), and then the Corps B comes to the Position of Army A while Army A comes to the position of Corps B.

The Reason is sometimes ( i.e. Global Map / Pacific Islands? ) there are simply not enough empty Land Squares in the Frontline in order to Attack with Army A, retreat to "empty field", then mouve Corps B to Position of Army A, and then Attack with Corps B.

Problems: normally only coding... no real Strategic change

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