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some thoughts for improvement (IMHO)

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ok, so besides the fact that i think all infantry should be able to use the assault move (check out my other thread here http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=52;t=003261)

theres a few things id like to see in this game...

1: a unit info panel (like we had in the old CM) where you can get some general info on the unit itself (like what weapon(s) it is armed with and what armor (if any) it has and so on) since i know squat about american equipment and weapons (well, the different variations of the vehicles anyway)

2: Humvees with M2's shouldnt button up at the first sign of trouble, since all it does is make the vehicle a sitting duck... why place the weapon there in the first place if youre not gonna use it? Im sure the doctrine is to use these weapons from a safe distance, but in this game no distance seems safe enough since small arms fire from several hundred meters away will make it button up instead of firing back. Get them to make firing back a priority since just sitting in the car waiting to get killed isnt a good opiton

(btw. why is there no shielding on the M2's? i havent seen a single unshielded weapon on top of a humvee in iraq so far on any footage ive seen from there.)

3: more accurate apatche strikes... cos as it is now, it looks like there actually strafing by at top speed instead of standing still at a long distance and pinpointing targets (wich is how i think they operate, but please correct me if im wrong... ive heard that the platform is extremely accurate)

oh, but this is of course in addition to fixing all the real bugs with the game...

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veeeery funny.

something else that could be improved (that my friend pointed out to me during a hotseat fight today) is the way reinforcements are announced...

as it is now they are annoucned by a very discreet little white text at the top of the screen. Something that is easily missed.

In the old games there was an actual pop-up window announcing it, very hard to miss.

i dont know how many times ive left reinforcements just standing there cos ive missed that they had arrived.

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some other things i noticed today (again as i was playing hotseat)

the lack of effectiveness of the M2HB (and variants) on houses... it should be able to penetrate the walls and do damage to units inside, instead of just having to hit a window or something similar (as normal MG's do)

have you ever seen the effects of a .50BMG machinegun on a house? well i have, and its not a pretty picture (well not if youre inside the house anyway)

further more i think it wouldnt be a bad idea for 40mm grenadelaunchers to have a bit more effectiveness against targets in the open... spent about 2 minutes firing with a Mk19 at a syrian rpg team caught in the open (form about 100-125 meters) without giving them a single casualty.

i WAS using area fire, but the rounds were slamming down on them very close (just not hitting RIGHT on them)

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