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Originally posted by Battlefront.com:

Technical updates:


PBEM... we're not far enough along to say for sure. The things that would nix or allow PBEM haven't happened yet. We'll need some semblance of a "real" scenario with loads of terrain types to know for sure. However, I am as always cautiously optimistic that it will be in and decently functional (i.e. no need to do some sort of file swapping service as some have suggested). So far nothing Charles sees precludes PBEM from working, which is at least a good thing even if it isn't a complete and final assessment.


Post from the other night
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Hehe, consdiering Steve has said pretty much the opposite all along Id like to know where you read that?

To repeat what Steve has said...yes we hope it will be in, yes we want it to be in and we *currently* havnt found any problems that will mean it will not be in but we can *not* say for certain until we get further along in the development cycle. Until we do that is really all we can tell you.


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Welcome falco.

Can I suggest before you post:

You do a search to see if the topic has been argued to death before you rocked up.

You get the name of the company right.

You capitalise so your sentences grammatically make sense. I tried reading it putting the emphasis or shouting on WILL, PBEM and SUCKS but it was kinda odd.

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In honor of this idiotic post and name I have dragged up the begginging of a bloodhoung gang song:

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Nah bitch, I'm talkin' 'bout motherf*ckin' Falco and sh*t.



I suspect a troll, but if not, welcome!

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