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If sales were not an issue what match up would be the most interesting for a new mod


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China vs Russia, China vs Japan. Singapore vs... someone. Dunno why these.

Scandinavians in each of others throats, little and unimportant nations can be recuded to ashes in total war. Would sell like... 100 pieces, maybe less. I still would like to play it.

No bigger than company or two per side. Tried that French operation in CMAK today (there's like regiment of troops)... I just told them to advance, watched that slaugther for about 15 turns and quitted. Yup, me likes no big fights, they give me headache.

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I have another: NATO vs Russia, but pre-Warsaw Pact - around 1954? The then-new (and very buggy) M48 MBT had just entered service. Nobody had any serviceable ATGMs or APFSDS rounds that I can recall. Some of the older officers on the ground would still be WWII veterans at the time. Lots of Pershings, 'Easy 8' Shermans still around. Russia with T34. T54, JS-3.

(yeh, untouchable as an expansion pack or mod set - but would be a hoot as a new theatre)

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From where we are now…

The Yom Kippur War…..Arab Israeli ’73.

Why…because it was by a huge margin the largest clash of modern –post WWII armour. The equipment was very close to standard Soviet/NATO equipment to the day. Combined arms/mechanised clashes on WWII scale.

Also… whatever the mod… “reasonably balanced” mechanised clashes is what does it for me. Yom Kippur is the obvious one.

I would love to see NATO Central Front/Fulda Gap ‘80s… also…. Either would be great.

All very good fun,

All the best,


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If sales were not an issue what match up would be the most interesting for a new mod
for a module you mean!?

WW1, Germans vs. British or French, westfront. everything there with crater rich nomans-land, several trench lines on both sides, barberd wire, bunkers, pillboxes, smoke, rolling gas clouds, HE and gas off map arty, on map minenwerfer for HE and gas too.

probably also with mineing, early tanks and some concrete structures to build forts :D

EDIT: not to forget the partly or totaly rubbled towns wich happened to be in nomans land form time to time.

oh yea, that would be it :rolleyes:

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