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What will you do?

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G: Wait until I'm done with this deployment, then buy a new kick A$$ computer, upon which the first game I install will be CMSF. Alright, I'm far too impatient to wait so I'll do A and then try to get get my trusty laptop to run it until I get home then G. :D

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I will probably do A if it means I can download the game on the day of release and receive a boxed version by post at a later date (although I wonder if the download servers will be swamped).

I will also persuade anyone I know who has not heard of the game or who is not sure about buying it to do B. As I am a member of the "Call of Duty 4" forum I will probably mention the game there as well when the demo is available, with a throw away line such as "whilst waiting for C.O.D.4, why not have a look at this".

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