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Advice on my new system


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OK folks, I've nutted out a deal on my new gaming system and I'd like to hear the veiws from the forum on the hardware I've selected and if there are any big gains to be made by changing any of the components.

Its friday here in Australia and I will be ordering the system one way or the other on Monday.

Chip: Athlon 900 thunderbird

M/B: MSI K7T Pro 200MHZ Socket A

RAM: 128mb

3D Card: Hercules GeForce 2 GTS 64mb

Monitor: LG Electronics 995E 19"

DVD Rom/20G H/D /Windows Millenium/Printer/Scanner etc.

I have done a lot of reveiwing of these components via the 'net and am pretty happy with my choices, but before the money gets handed over I'd just like the opinions of as many of you guys as possible.

My biggest concern is that none of these components will act as a 'bottleneck' and reduce the performance of the system as a whole. A faster processor is the only thing I may need to go bigger/better on I think.


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What model are you getting for the 20Gb hard drive ? A good 7200 RPM model with a large cache (2Mb) ? I think IBM makes some of the faster ATA-100s at the moment (Western Digital and Maxtor are also pretty good).

Otherwise all your choices seem fine. Do you know the speed of your SDRAM ? You may want to make sure that it is "name brand" and can operate at CAS2 at 133Mhz ? Sometimes it's hard to get the CAS info on memory, but the better vendors can usually tell you what it is. Infineon, Micron, Toshiba, Siemens and a couple of other Japanese brands usually do fine. Some of the Korean brands can also be OK, but they mainly aim for lower price markets rather than higher performance or quality.

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