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CMBB recommendation Mac LCD display

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Hi, I currently have the apple 17" studio display. Unfortunately it does not do more than 1056x792 at a frequency that my eyes can bear. I would be interested in getting a good LCD display to replace it. My videocard is the Apple OEM ATI Radeon AGP 7000 32MB card, which I think has the ADC, and VGA (or is that DVI?) connections.

I would go for an Apple Cinema display with no questions asked, if I did not think them ridiculously overpriced. I would like to get a 17" display, or larger.

Anyone got any recommendations?

Thanks for the attempts to help with the USB problem I mentioned in that other thread. Unfortunately I forgot to mention it is a drive problem only, it seems. The machine recognises USB printers, modems, and scanners fine. The USB extension driver is present, and active.

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I use a 22 Cinema from the first batch 3 years ago and love it. If you can find one get it.

NEC has introduced a new line of LCDs (as has Sony) that are very good. A 19" runs @ 700USD. I don't know what availability would be in England.

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Well, after checking on Ebay, there seems to be no way on earth I could shell out that sort of money, even the used ones still go at >US$1,000. The NEC or Sony seem a much better deal.

Thanks a lot for the tip.

Anyone has opinions on the Formac ADC 17" one? Is it worth the money going from a 17" monitor with 1056x712 to a 17" LCD with 1280xwhatever?

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