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Production delays because of strat. bombing

Guest xwormwood

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Guest xwormwood

Engine: Current

Synopsis: delay the completation of already purchased units whenever a chance hit occours after a strategic attack (Bombers / rockets, not fighters, tac air or carriers)

Design Summary:

To show a more realistic effect of strategic bombing runs and to make it more interesting to do them introduce a chance (5%, 10%, 15%, you name it) , that a strategic bombing run delays the completation / delivery of a random, already purchased, but still not delivered unit.

To enhance this enhancement, bombing runs on harbors could delay naval units while attacks on cities could delay land and air units.

This would make it more attractive to bomb harbors or cities, adding more realism and benefit to strategic warfare.

If there is no unit in the production tree a chance hit could affect the possiblity to upgrade a unit with a tech advance, or better: forbid an upgrade in a specific gameturn.

Problem #1: AI programming (AI will probably ignore more attractive or important targets on the map when conducting strategig bombing)

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