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It only took us 223 years to train them not to mutiny and square away their trash. No one ever said a Squid was sharp........ just soft.


Oh, riiight they’re reeeally gonna miss us.


Outstanding nostalgic find there DevilPup, It’s like the Instant Soup version of My Beloved Corps’ History. Not once did it mention Dan Daley or Chesty Puller, you know what that means…….”The Pit” with you!


Semper Fi

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Former/current (once a Marine...) SSGT, USMC, Kettler, Edith C., Communications, FMFPAC, Pearl Harbor, Deceased, would doubtless be thrilled. Meanwhile, Kettler, Edward W., Jr., ET1C, USN, Pearl Harbor, Deceased, would gleefully kill the moment by loudly singing The Marine Hymn to the tune of "My Darlin' Clementine!" resulting in the precipitous launch of Skillet, Mark 1, Mod 0!

Thanks a bunch, Huntarr! A then close friend once did a color sketch of me at the Battle of the Bulge as a GI, but NOBODY ever made me a Devil Pup!


John Kettler

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Well, well, well whadda we have here? A Finnish IED (snowball), huh? I know just where I’ll take this sucker……


I think somebody thought they could catch this ole Leatherneck off guard.

Hotti, you forget My Beloved Corps has the fore thought to train it’s Hardchargin Devildogs in all types of terrain & climates, heck son we even do it on vacation……were you that little blonde kid?


Since we are on the subject of “cold”………


Semper Fi

Thanks Hotti for being a Muse for this post

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Hopefully most of you are sitting there like MM here and downloading your pre-order.



If you haven't yet then drop the $@#$ donut and get your slimy little communist s$^&, twinkle-toe grab-tastic butts out there and order it now! (tone meant with love)




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