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Full Install?


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Under MacOS, you can make disk image with Disk Copy utility, which is came with the system. Then you have CD image on your hard disk (its about 310Mb size), you can just mount it with doble-click, and it will apear on desktop. I am using disk image and minimal install - this is freeing me from keeping CD in the drive during game.

Sorry, I do not know if this will work under Windows.



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When you run the installer off of the CDROM do you select the "Full Install" option (~310Mb) ? If that doesn't work for you, then you can manually copy the entire directory structure of the CM CD to your hard drive (there are no compressed installation files).

The CM CD will still need to be present in your CDROM drive when you launch CM (I think it will check it when you go into a scenario also). Mac users can get around this as mentioned above (by creating an image of the CD on the hard drive and "mounting" it). I'm not familiar with any software to do this under Windows.

Make sure any shortcuts you have to launch CM are pointing to the directory on your hard drive and not the CDROM. Some users also get messed up with mods and this forces CM to go to the CD to load some of its files.

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