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When firing on enemies out on balconies I get a much higher rate of kills than if they are inside the structure. It seems to be moddeled fairly accuratley. Once on a mission where there were alot of enemies out on the balconies, I called in some 120mm Mortar Anti Personnel artillery and it whiped them off the balconies, but left enemies alive who were inside of the building.

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Originally posted by Rocky Balboa:

I noticed that a squad always use the balcony when occupying a building floor that includes said balcony. Does the game provide more or less protection when using a balcony as opposed to being deployed within the building?

Haven't fired up CMSF in a while, but I recall that infantry units are now programmed only to advance to the four sides of an enclosed area. There is no longer any intermediary position that, for example, permits setting ambushes from within a room as in CM1x. Could be mistaken about this, tho'.

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