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What IP port does CM use?

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I'm trying to get CM to work through my router that uses NAT to handle multiple computers on the inside.



I can to port routing to route any IP traffic on specific ports on a specific internal IP address or whatever.

I need to know what port CM uses when talking to another copy of CM for IP play.

Anyone know? I don't have any port sniffing software to find out.

Scott Karch

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I believe that it is port 7023. I think there is a note in the manual, or in the read me file for the 1.12 patch. In my case because I am intrinsically lazy I have two setups on my Mac that I can choose from, one where I am attached to the router under DHCP, and another where I run a direct connection to the cable modem (actually my airport hub). The reason I do it this way is that with my kids using the same computer as I do (during the day) I don't want to leave an open hole in the firewall all day. Good luck

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