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PBEM, WAV and Windows ME problems.

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I tried to load CM on my parent's new P900, running Windows ME, and the CD refuses to copy over the WAV files from 5001-5010.wav. I tried both installing and manually copying the files over, but to no avail.

I tried minimal install, which worked. Installed the latest patch, and ran a PBEM file I recieved. Loaded the file, but when the Password request appears it gets into a loop and freezes up.


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Clean/wipe-down your CD with a clean, lint-free cloth. Make sure that there's no dust, debris or scuff marks on the CD (some marks/dust are OK, but occasionally they can be the source of a read problem).

The particular files that are having a hard time copying are the largest files on the CD. They are the 'ambient' audio WAV files.

Since you had problems with the copy process, there's a possibility that other files didn't make it over to the hard drive in pristine condition. Turn off any anti-virus programs and shut down anything else that may be running in the background when you attempt the install. I'd suggest scrapping what you currently have, follow the suggestions above as posted by R_Leet and then attempt a reinstall after a fresh reboot (with all programs closed, anti-virus off, etc.).

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