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This is supposed to be a failry complete game. Im used to the post release bugs but this is bad. Line of sight is terrible, the shadows of a building can block it, walls are 50/50 on blocking fire and usually just for one side. Infantry can get stuck on the ramp of the stryker and locks them both up. They run around to the front of the building to get shot instead of through the back door. Oh and pathfinding, what pathfinding.

For now its back on the shelf untill you patch it and finish it. I really get tired of paying to beta test.


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Originally posted by Treeburst155:

Well, they have plenty of beta testers now. This means the bugs will be found quickly. BFC will squash them as fast as they can. I'm sure of it. Until then, I'll be playing CMBB and CMAK. CM:SF will be done when it's done. :D

Treeburst155 out.

TB! Send me a setup and some jazz, ya' nong!


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