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I'm playing the new demo, Training Mission.

I'm trying to mount the units to the vehicles. I select a unit, "quick" movement, and place the cursor on the vehicle icon, when it turns yellow I click and a yellow link appears between the unit and the vehicle. I do that for all units that I want to load up. During the action phase all the units move to the vehicles and take up positions instead of mounting.

I searched that manual and the forums but I must be using the the wrong term for "mount". What page in the manual describes the method to mount, load up, hitch a ride, get on board or otherwise get your ass in the car?

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If the vehicle has enough room in it, you mount a unit by giving the unit a move order (move, quick, fast etc) to the vehicle. If the curser is green, there is enough room. If it is yellow, as you describe, then there is not enough room in the vehicle for the unit to mount. That is why your units are going near the vehicle, but not in it.

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Nope, you're doing it right but if the cursor is turning yellow over the vehicles it means you CAN'T mount them.

Not sure why you can't- maybe there's already a unit in the vehicle or it's the wrong vehicle?

Strykers will take a single squad or 2 x MG teams and HQ. I haven't played the 1.07 demo but in the original one there were 4 Strykers and squad's outside. just make sure 1 squad per Stryker and the MG and HQ team in 1 to themselves.

PS That was a simultaneous post, so the "Nope" was not to the answer above but to say you weren't doing anything wrong. just to clarify smile.gif

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