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Question on video cards and drivers

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I've noticed over the months that when PC owners address the subject of their video cards they often mention a host of user-defined optional settings they have available, such as FSAA, etc. Now, on the Mac, even using similar or identical cards, none of these are available to my knowledge. You buy the card; you put it in; you install the drivers; and that's it. What you see is what you get. Can someone please explain to me why this is? Is it felt that in the Mac community no user adjustments are necessary or desired? If so, why is it not also the case in the PC community? I'm having a little trouble figuring this one out.


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Probably because the Mac community isn't really geared towards gaming and many of the adjustments for the video cards on the PC are geared in particular for this segment.

On the Mac ATI has dominated the video market with other vendors eventually disappearing since the release of the PowerPC platform (SuperMac, Radius, RasterOps, 3dfx & various OEMs of each). Now Apple has brought in a little competition by offering NVidia-based cards. But the market really hasn't gotten any bigger for video games on the Mac, so I assume that Apple and it's OEMs (ATI & NVidia) don't feel that such controls are necessary for most users.

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