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Poll: New name


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Combat Mission: Finger Lickin' Good

Combat Mission: Not Wife/Girlfriend/Partner friendly (delete as appropriate)

Combat Mission:Let's KickAss/Bottom (word depends on publisher - BF/CDV)

Combat Mission:Taste the Cordite

Combat Mission:It aint heavy, it's my M16

Combat Mission:Eco-friendly warfare (guaranteed to comply with Kyoto emission levels)

Combat Mission:No pain, no gain

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Originally posted by RMC:

Combat Mission: Jihad Jamboree

jihad jamboree ROTFLMAO

how about Combat Mission: Insh' Allah !

Combat Mission: Raghead Rave ?

seriously, I don't particularly object to "shock Force", but maybe, in line with the CM titles so far, BTS should use the Pentagon's (fictional) title for such an operation?

How about: Combat Mission: Operation Syrian Freedom

Combat Mission: Bagdad to Damascus

or some "Desert" title...

Combat Mission: Desert Claw ...naw, that was that bungled Iranian hostages thing, or was it?

Combat Mission: Syrian Desert

Combat Mission: Operation Syria

you get the idea...

Originally posted by Cpl Steiner:


So, in conclusion, how about...

"Force Commander: Strike Force 2007 (Combat Mission 2.1)"

...to be followed by...

"Force Commander: Western Front (Combat Mission 2.2)"

isnt there already a software title "force commander" , isnt that some 3D-RTS about StarWars?
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Originally posted by M Hofbauer:

How about: Combat Mission: Operation Syrian Freedom

I considered that, but in line with the post about branding, I think DOD's "Freedom" brand has lost its market appeal. Thus CM: Operation Syrian Subjugation. We're not going in to liberate anyone. We're going in to show them who's boss. Or something like that.
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Combat Mission: Who's Next, Bitches?

Combat Mission: The Road to Nowhere

Combat Mission: All Up Ins

Combat Mission: Porkchops and Applesauce

Combat Mission: It's Tuesday, this must be Syria

Combat Mission: Bring the Funk

Wombat Mission: Marsupials Front!

Combat Mission: Syrian Salad (yum!)

Combat Missive: Read it and Weep

Combat Misses: Bad Girls gone AWOL

Combat Mischief: Privates gettin' Punk'd!

Kombat Misshun: The Literacy Campaign

Oh Jesus, I'm sorry. These guys started it!

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Originally posted by Seanachai:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by KwazyDog:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Seanachai:

Let's try: Combat Mission: Liberating the Next Islamic Nation We Think We Can Justify Attacking and Actually Beat.

Guys, comments like this are only going to be disruptive to the forums. As we have mentioned, we do understand if you and others are not interested in modern warfare, but please dont make our jobs harder because of it.

Dan </font>

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Originally posted by Simon Fox:

There's nothing idiosyncratic about your swinishness, in this case your buffoonish crashing about knocking over half the china while making your point makes Boo seem positively accomplished...

Gods, not again! Why does this keep happening to me?

You fancy me, don't you Simon?

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