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Scenario Building


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i guess the capture thing could be worked out with non-lethal munitions, otherwise your squad would just keep staring at the officer you want to capture, getting shot at until he decides to surrender. I realize that conventional units dont carry non-lethal rounds as SOP, but that can be a special ability of say, a special forces squad.(see my Special forces thread)

as for the house, i would assume that a unit that is in the house will automatically clear it and get in defensive positions.

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As I understand it there is an idea to "paint terrain" so that you van priorities areas for defence or attack.

As to an individual, well how would you find him, or react. If it worked , and it would be ahuge AI task, it would be fine but not essential.

If it didn't and had Force A walk in to Force B's killzone to get the guy on the other side of the hill it would just be silly.


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