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Chicago too far away? CM:SF Preview in Canberra 20/7 - 22/7

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Well now that Rune has granted permission, I can let those of you in "God's country" know that I'll be doing something similar (albeit with a more mature version) in Canberra over the weekend 21 - 22 July.

Same general outline as Rune's (limited by NDA, etc.) but because its closer to the release date it should be the final product (or damn near close).

Anyway more details as they come to hand.

Please email the address in the profile so I can get an idea of interest (to choose the right sized venue, etc.).

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What about California?

These previews are being done by people on the Beta test team who have decided they can find some more unpaid time to allocate to CM:SF (above and beyond the beta testing) to show local people what they have been working on and to allow people to "have a go" and answer specific issues that they are interested in.

BTS/BFC does not have the time (unless you want the release date to slip) or the funds (unless you want the price to go up) to produce some all encompassing video that will choke your bandwidth and still leave people asking "What about X".

I'm sorry but if no one near you is able to run one of these then your options are limited to:

1. Going to one of them.

2. Waiting for feedback posted here afterwards.

3. Waiting to get the downloadable demo.

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I'm one of those taking part in this weekend. Much thanx and salutations to the wonderful gibbo. I'm looking forward to the weekend with gusto.

There are seven of us so far, all We Band of Brothers Members. If any of you are interested in joining the Mighty BoB (it's a great CM gaming club) here's the link: http://webandofbrothers.de/index.htm Take a squiz at the Message Board to see the latest happenings. As a member since 2003 I can highly recommend the BoB.

Seizure in Canberra!!

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Firstly BUMP.

Secondly Greg its not a "great CM gaming Club" its a bunch of people who are only interested in CMx1 and are trying desperately to ignore the fact that CM is developing and evolving.

I was a member there for some years too and found the experience rather limiting where some people's opinions were not open to discussion, so I left it.

But if you want a CMx1 focus (indeed to the exclusion of anything else) then by all means have a look.

Any reason for the duplicate post by the way? Remember here you don't get kudos for the quantity of posts.

I'll post some more details once I get back from Adelaide next week.


Sure! I'll see you there with your camera and bandwidth.

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Sorry Mark, about the duplicated post. I was having some internet connection problems and thought I hadn't correctly initiated the post and pressed the button again.

I asked the administrator to delete it for me but he was unable to do so. I'll go back and change it so that it's not a repeat. :)

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Well as the hour approaches here are some details:

Friday 20/7 from 6pm: CM:SF Demo (if you are coming just for this I can do others as required during Saturday too)

Saturday 21/7: CMAK (co-op games using “no flag” battles)

Saturday Night: Dinner

Sunday 22/7: Check out of hotel, Visit to Australian War Memorial, Return home


Forrest Inn

30 National Circuit, Forrest. ACT

Ph: 02 6295 3433

Website: http://www.forrestinn.com.au/

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