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Mac os X?


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It may not be complete but the developer beta copy of the OS X client has been out since Last June ( have a copy but I'm not allowed to disclose that fact) and the Public Beta release is for sale now.

Charles you might seriously consider becoming a registered Apple Developer so they will give you FREE beta demo software and a break on any Apple hardware you might buy. Given that you are in fact an Apple developer it should be free and simple except for some obligatory paper work.

I imagine support for Mac OS X is not really a priority but it would be cool as I understand the OS X client is coded to allow programs to take full advantage of Apple's multi processor CPU's which are begining to ship now.

I would like to see support for Mac OS X but not at the expense of other more important things like CM2 and TCP/IP support. So that pretty much means no support for Mac OS X any time soon.

-tom w

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