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Funky camo

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U.S. hasn't exactly been big on importing used foreign tanks into the country for awhile (if he could've my brother-in-law would've bought one already!). ;) The only exceptions I know of are Arnold Swarzenneger who bought an old M47 Patton to relive his military service days, and Tom Clancey who bought a Canadian Grizzly under the mistaken impression he was buying a genuine D-Day landing Sherman. 10+ years ago the ex-Warsaw Pact armies were selling off their old armor for scrap in order to get down to treaty limits. Someone east of the Channel may have bought that tank in a fire sale and hauled it off to be a flower planter in his back garden. :D

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Importing armored vehicles into the US is quite difficult, but done all the time by people that know the ins and outs of the BATF regulations regarding SME (Significant Military Equipment). Form 6 is used and one must show that there is no functioning weaponry on it, nor other banned things such as rocketry with guidance systems or nukes :D

And yes... I've done my homework in the even that I suddenly become stupid enough to import a BMP-1 or T-72. My wife should thank the Gods that the USD is worth less than the oil scum residue in the engine oil pans. The exchange rate really takes the fun out of window shopping.


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