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Originally posted by Battlefront.com:

Just didn't think of it as being necessary :D It is still something I don't think is a big problem, at least with road behavior fixed, so I'm not sure we'll go ahead and do it for CMx2. However, personally I would like to see if we could. Charles' fear is that this would make the command process noticably slow on the lower end machines. A toggle on/off would fix that.

We'll see!

Of course, this doesn't have any bearing on the issue of command delays :D


I agree it's not necessary for me to either use or enjoy the game. It would be just oh so nice to be able to pull an arc around a hill or even an obsticale for instnce. And since that would eliminate plotting X many points to make a line work it would tend to have some impact on command delays as they currently are imposed as more points =/~ greater delay.

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