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Missing RPG7 stuff?

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Hello? Anyone know anything?

I was thinking that all of the RPG7s used by the uncons wouldn't have optics on them (because they broke or something), some of them would just be iron sights.

Here's the old pic:


I've only seen the middle type of RPG7 and the Thermo warhead is at the top.

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I haven’t studied them but I’m pretty sure that different grades of Syrians receive different models (e.g. conscripts likely to get the base model. Mechanized, etc. get the better ones).

In terms of the warhead I’ve seen them all in use (I think) but you need to look at the list of grenades carried to be sure (and I guess watch the actual launch animation if you want to be certain).

Have you played with various levels of Syrians or just one standard always?

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Originally posted by Flanker15:

</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by JohnO:

Check out the UnCon Fighter Command they have the RPG-7V1 which has that large warhead.

You mean the T-Heat warhead at the bottom of the pic. They seem pretty common in uncon units, have you seen any with the thermo warhead though? </font>
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In the game right now are:

Good quality RPG-7 teams get:

OG-7V Anti-Personal fragmentation grenade

PG_7VR Tandem AT warhead

Average quality teams get:

OG-7V Anti-Personal fragmentation grenade

PG-7VL Improved HEAT round

Poor quality gets:

PG-7V Older HEAT round

PG-7VL Improved HEAT round

That's 4 out of the 5 rounds pictured above. The one missing is TBG-7V, the thermobaric round. It's been so long since I did this that I don't remember why this is the case. However, I am looking into it to see why the TBG-7V is absent.


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right, maybe that would make the bad accuracy of the RPG7 teams plausible when they have the iron sight version.

right now they all have the scoped version and partly cant hit a house at 70 meters away.

its like the aim wrong on purpouse :D

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