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So, I think we need a nice list of the reasons why CMSF is worth our time. Something to show to friends to get them impressed. While it isn't really our job (*cough* website *cough*), a nice 1 or 2 page summary would do wonders for the newbies. I'll get the ball rolling with the big ones

Cutting edge graphics

Improved urban warfare modeling

1:1 Soldier representaion

Real-time capable

Add your own!

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I can't recall, did BFC say they were going to include a little shirtless Rambo character scampering around the map firing his M60 from the hip?

So far all we've really been given to get the outside world interested in CMSF are two Alpha screenshots :(

...oh, and BFCs reputation for producing 'real' combat sims like no other.

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