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I thought the .50 on the Stryker was remote controlled. I can't get the Strykers to fire unless I tell them to open.

Also has anyone noticed that the Strykers are more reluctant to fire their .50's at bunkers. In Wadi Scouts, in 1.01, I was able to just hit start and the Strykers would open up and clean out the bunkers at range. In 1.02, I have to cajole them into firing.

I will say this, anything with AT weapons seem to open up with no problem on armor in 1.02. I did notice the AT5 seems to hot short in all 6 test firings I did. Will keep an eye out for it.

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I've restarted my Campaign and have also noticed a marked reduction in the units firing even with target arcs up. I seem to have to manually target everything now. That blows in WEGO.

I had 2 M1's not 40m from Syrian Troops and they never fired at them. Before they would open up with even the gunners top MG, now I have to target everything. This is also the case with Strykers.

Performance is up but TacAI seems to have taken a step back.. well maybe a step sideways. I did see M1's turning to engage tanks.

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Plus the two idiot guys from the squad stuck up in the back. I have yet to get them to button.

I ran extensive testing when 1.03 came out and found that Strykers of any variety are reluctant to fire at spotted infantry over 400m away. Sometimes they do a little dance and spin in place slowly like they can't bring the .50 to bare. When fired upon they will sometimes fire a few bursts back.

I keep switching back to 1.01 to test and they blaze away under the same parameters. There were some long dicussions on this in the tactics forum also. Looks like what I feared, collective short attention span on the forums. That's why I bumped it.

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I hadn't seen that thread, but ist unrelated. My testing has encompassed both wooded and completely clear terrain. No difference.

Rant on//

Related to the thread you put up...that's the stuff that frosts me over about this. I try not to get too worked up over it, but how can anyone consider this even close to being realistic. It has to be a factor of that damned 8 x 8 gird. If 1.04 doesn't address those type of LOS/LOS issues, I am shelving it.

Rant off//

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