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TCP/IP game problem

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I have a Dell C640 laptop with dial up only,

tried to do my first TCP game but had a problem i hope someone can help me with.

First step; i choose a Scenario.

Second step; i choose it to be an IP game.

third step; i choose a new password - when i choose a password and press enter the computer just freezes in place and none of my keys work - cant even ALT+Q to exit game. The only thing i can do is push the power button for several seconds to shut it off.

Can someone please help - did i do the steps right or is there something wrong with my laptop.


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Which particular game (CMBO, CMBB or CMAK) is this ? What patch do you have installed for this particular game ?

The steps sound correct for a TCP/IP game (other than the freezing, obviously). Do you know what your actual IP address is to the outside world ( what's my ip address) ? This most likely will change each time you dialup to your internet provider.

Are you running any anti-virus or firewall software while playing CM ? If you're running Windows XP with the firewall feature turned on (as most people are) you may have to add your particular CM title to the list of 'exceptions'. Go to Control Panel > Network Connections control panel > click on your internet connection, in this case the dialup > click the Properties button > click the Advanced tab > within the Windows Firewall section click on the Settings button > click on the Exceptions button > click on the Add Program... button > click on the Browse button to find the CM executable. Once this is added and the control panel closed up properly, you should be able to play CM. If you're using a different firewall program (Zone Alarm or Norton Internet Security, etc.) you'll need to go through the control panels for that software to add the CM titles. If you need more specific info, set them to open TCP Port 7023 in a bi-directional manner for CM communicate over.

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