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Wheres the WAV folder???

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So, after a few scenario battles (the hospital fight and small town fight), I have to say I'm quite impressed (I especially enjoy watching MK19 rounds go downrange), though a little displeased with the quick battle (units bunched starting).

BUT, where is the WAV folder in the program files??? I know Battlefront doesnt like modding (well, at least full overhauls), but the BMP and WAV folder made the other CM that much more awesome (especially once you found a really nice MG42 sound). Is there anyway we can mod sounds or textures?? Will I be able to give the .50 cal its true terrifying sound?


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The stock textures and sounds are included in the main data file, so by default there are no WAV or BMP folders of any kind. But if you create a certain kind of subfolder for DATA, the game reads the contents of that folder.

This of course requires that you know those names. There is going to be a full list and maybe even texture templates, but I don't know exactly when those will be ready. I think people in the know are currently drinking themselves silly.

Hope this helped!

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Originally posted by Swift:

I would like to know the name and location of the ambient noise files so I can replace them with silence. And also remove/lower the engine noise.

Lol, I was hoping to make things louder, add in some echo, or giving more bass where its due. For example, I was going to give the .50cal a much more, I guess realistic sound, with some brass dropping for added effect.

But I guess to each his own tongue.gif

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Brent Pollock: Maybe I just haven't noticed, but there doesn't seem to be any wav files associated with medic activity.
What sound(s) would that be? Sirens?

Or the medic saying, "It's gonna be OK Chuck, you're gonna make it. I'll tell your girl you loved her. Umm, can I have your iPod?"

Maybe when a guy gives buddy aid you could hear someone say, Corpsman Up! or Medic!

I agree on the engine sounds, kinda loud and annoying.

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