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OVERALL are you enjoying CMSF ? (YES or NO)

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No, because I can't even play it due to my ATI card and I'm being ignored in the support forums.

I won't repeat my specs since I have in the other threads needless to say I have the latest drivers and patches and the screen flickers constantly that I can barely see my mouse cursor.

Sucks since I was excited about this game.

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I am hoping that patch 1.03 converts my NO (not yet) to a YES.

I still have some faith in the guys at BF - here's hoping that the faith is not misplaced.

I fully support the direction that BF have taken the game design and the engine. My concern is all about the implementation (specifically graphics issues).

I think that I understand about the limitations of being a small development company, but I am frankly staggered that apparently no testing appears to have been done on the latest 8000 series nVidia cards BEFORE release. I say that because, as of a few days ago, the devs do not seem to have obtained a machine with those nVidia cards and hence have not been able to address the problems.

I am shaken by the fact that it has taken weeks - rather than days - to get the card installed into a machine to allow for diagnostics and remediation of what has been well recorded problems which were noted since the product launch.

If my expectations about such things are unrealistic (I am not very computer literate) then I apologies. If my expectations are realistic then the BF guys need to give some thought to the development process and launch of similar such products in future.

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Yes. I've only played the demo, but the first time I used a Javelin, called down an artillery strike and blew a building into crumbs, my boner broke my keyboard...I can't wait to get the whole game.

So far no real issues, except I am kicking too much ass playing either side...


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