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Multiplayer still unplayable

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I am in my second multiplayer game since I bought CMSF. Bugs reported by me and many others still remain unfixed.

The game is still unplayable with numerous bugs rather than skill deciding victors.

This is very sad--this game has been out since July.

I will never buy another BFC product without seeing reviews first. Way to damage your long term brand for short term profit, BFC.

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Shock force honestly was a shock (ba-zing) to the system. No matter how many excuses one could make to defend the title, it is still virtually unplayable where it counts the most: multiplayer.

I haven't played SF since the first week it was out because I had completed everything there was to do, and TCP/IP wouldn't work. In contrast, I've played a game of CM at least four times a month for several years. Even when TCP/IP worked the real time only made it completely impossible to play.

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