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Is this realistic....

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I have never been in combat so I really don't know.

I ask a squad or platoon to move quickly across a small opening to the safety of a wall or building on the other side. the opening looks to be about ten yards across. They come under fire as they move into the opening. They immediatly become supressed and drop down in the middle of the open area and begin crawling (looks like wallowing)in no particular direction. They are slowly wipe out most of the time. If not, one or two may eventually be spared but they are so exausted and emotionally devastated that they are useless for at least 30 min by which time the scenario is usually over. Happens almost every time. Another is when a dismount oder is given to move quickly into cover. They soldiers dismount and then stand around, under fire as I scream at the monitor "MOVE"! Usually only two or three make it and they crawl all the way instead of running their ass off like I think I would! Wouldn't they speed up the short distance to safety instead of droping down in plain sight only to be slaughtered?

I feel the best approach would be to suppress the area the enemy fire in coming from but in order to do that you have to get in their LOS and I become supressed instead because the game always has the enemy firing from some sort of prepared position.

I'm still trying to figure out how to play the game in situations like this. I thinking now to blast away with all my artillery assets before moving any vehicles or soldiers.

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Originally posted by dynaman200:

This has been a problem with CM since CMBB (CMBO has squad keep moving no matter what...)

My guess is that allowing the AI to know the difference between being able to get to cover quickly versus the cover being too far away is not an easy task.

if the issue is with the Tactical AI then this is NOT easy to fix at all.

But I am guessing they are working on it.

-tom w

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I've had problems with getting the squad set up to attempt the crossing. Even with a waypoint set in safe cover near the edge of the wall/building, as the AI deploys the squad around the waypoint, inevitably a few of the members wander out into the open and get cut down.

Either TacAI needs to be improved to properly seek and/or maintain cover... or they need to provide us with the ability to alter the way the squad deploys... "Tight"/"Loose" deployment options... or maybe the ability to define the deployment area... perhaps similar to cover arc.

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The tight or loose deployment thing is a good idea. Right now, any type of movement causes the squad to scurry about for up to 30 sec. This scurrying causes some members to move out into the open or just plain do stupid things.

Maybe making it a tight formation would not allow enemy to fire on it unless the center of the squad is in LOS. Penalties could be no fast movement and not allowing certain members or weapon types to fire.

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Is it realistic, well that depends on the real life situation I suppose.

I imagine you would have to weigh up running under fire for 10-15 yards against getting your nose behind any small cover and firing back, then moving to cover. SF doesnt replicate this desire to live right now against the desire to get to better cover.

Hence we see the crawl of death. In RL they should go to ground, find cover, if possible spot the incoming firers, possibly throw some smoke and then get to better cover if practicable, if not, call for help.

A long way to go before we see any game get that good though.

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Another way to look at it is how long would it take someone with a weapon with clear los and no suppressing fire inbound to take 5 people out at 50 yards....not long at all. (Thus the crawling around simulates the chaos and death of the moment instead of flat out dying.)

That was why I always used assault or advance commands to overcome that tendency. Yep, it's annoying.

However, if the crawling around is over a couple of turns, it's an issue.


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