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Polish partisans

Guest Michal

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Engine: Current

Synopsis: I suggest adding Polish partisans to the game (a bit of patriotism here).

Description: During WW II Poland had the best organised, the most numerous resistance forces in Europe (in 1943 only 1 organisation - Home Army - amounted to 380,000 people). Germans had to keep a lot of soldiers there all the time. Warsaw rising 1944 was the largest rising in WW II in Europe (German losses - 26,000 soldiers - many of them SS). In this case I cannot really understand why we don't have Polish partisans in SC at all... When French partisans keep blowing Paris and mines up, Russian and Yugoslavian partisans are very active, even Spanish partisans mess around, we definitely should have Polish partisans in the game to reflect the real events during WW 2.

Problem: I cannot see any problems here.

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