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First Release Predictions?

J Ruddy

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Well, the time is almost here - when the gaming Gods at CM feed us little critters with screenies and (finally) the goods on the new game's arena of operations.

So, I'm going to risk the lock and getting booted from this forum by opening up the challenge to those who think they know what the first release is going to be...

What's at stake? Bragging rights - for those of you who are going to say "I knew it all along!" put your predictions where your mouth is.

Based on bones etc.. I think it will be WWII Western Front - specifically Belgium to Dunkirk.

Maybe I'm smoking cordite - but dammit, someone has to be the first!

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After giving it considerable thought, and with all due respects to LOD (the main contender), the next release will be a brilliant stroke of marketing: Leather Goddesses of Phobos.

Whenever I hear someone mention Sandusky, Ohio I get the shivers.

The Lobsters will be a module in the series, probably having to do with the Goddesses' misguided search for sex slaves on the wrong planet.

Gourmet food and sex: what more could you want !

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Combat Bouncer: MadMatt Kicks Drunken Ass

Using his many years of bouncing experience, Matt "MadMatt" Faller narrates cutscenes and stars in this top down 3D simulation of combat between valiant club bouncers and massive drunken hordes.

The game will feature dynamic disco ball lighting, detailed projectile vomiting hits, and many specialized attacks such as the headlock, arm twist, and the bum toss.

A special edition will include even more bar skins along with a copy of "Roadhouse" starring Patrick Swayze.



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It may be a dead horse, but honestly, what else is there to discuss until the announcement comes. Discussing the details of a game until the subject matter has been announced seems pointless to me. If you read Steve's various comments on this forum, it's pretty obvious what the first game will be...unless Steve is a master of deception :eek:

my prediction stands! tongue.gif

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Originally posted by PseudoSimonds:

Whatever CMx2 turns out to be, my first order of business will be to create a scenario where I will rename all the opposing units to the names of the posters in these silly threads. Then I will give myself a horde of the most powerful units in the game and exact my revenge.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

just make sure you spell my name correctly ;)
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I dunno about that...a modern game would have a lot of planes, helicopters, missiles, and other junk requiring a bunch of new research.

While they might do it in the future and are likely providing the flexibility to handle these items, my WAG is that their priority is to use the massive amount of WWII research they have already compiled. This allows them to focus on the implementation of the new engine and ensuring it works with equipment which is already intimately familiar.

Once this structure is solid and they have hooked their large and drooling WWII fans with the concept, IMMO then there will be plenty of opportunity to expand. So my serious prediction is a return to the West Front, but it's just a guess.


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