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game won't run

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I bought the game with great interest. It installs normally. (full install) And everything is fine to the point where I choose the scenario to play. If I take one of the scenarios in the list the game won't run it and music starts to jam. Nothing happens, music just plays small part og the intro music allover again. Same thing happens when I try the quick battle option. After I have decided which kind of map to play and press OK game stops doing anything. No error message, no nothing, it just freezes and nothing happens.

My computer is

550 Pentium III



Riva Tnt II

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So you get stuck at the 'Loading 3D...' screen ? What video driver version are you using ? What version of DirectX do you have installed ?

You can get the latest Detonator driver (28.32) for your Riva TNT2 from Guru 3D (Videocard Drivers > NVIDIA Detonator drivers > select drivers for Win9x/ME) or from NVidia (list, by OS, on the left-hand side).

But first, I'd suggest upgrading your DirectX (assuming that you don't have this already installed). The latest version (which the newest Detonator driver will require) is 8.1 which you can get from Microsoft (select the upper download for the Win9x/ME version).

What sound card do you have ? Does the sound continue to play with the 'Loading 3D...' screen up or does it also lock up or sound strange ? Your machine should be powerful enough to run CMBO with little problem.

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