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A graphic problem

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I have been having no problem with CMBO running at high res on my laptop. I was away for a few days and I think my house-sitter tried to install a different direct X driver on my machine and now I can only run CMBO at low-res. I downloaded the newest direct X drivers and also re-installed CMBOl, still no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks a million.

The Urban Ninja

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Are you saying that you upgraded DirectX itself or the laptop's video driver ? Are you running at the laptop's LCD display native resolution ?

I'd suggest deleting the Prefs file found at (if you installed to the default directory) C:\PROGRAM FILES\CMBO\Combat Mission Bynd Ovr Prefs. The next time you launch CM you will be asked to select a resolution, typically starting with the one you're currently running.

What is the maximum resolution that your laptop is capable of and what resolutions does CM offer you during the resolution selection process ?

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I did delete the pref file and when it asks for my resolution preference, it only gives me the low res options. Strange. I downloaded the direct X 8.1 drivers thinking that might do the trick. Right now, I am running 1024x768 default resolution on my laptop. It's a dell 4000 with a ATI Rage Mobility 128 card. Any thougts?

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Assuming that you're running a Dell Inspirion 4000 on Win9x/ME here's the driver for it.

You may want to check what your settings are for DirectX by launching the DiretX Diagnostic from the Run command: C:\Program Files\DirectX\Setup\DxDiag. Go to the Display tab and check the three DirectX Features settings (if they're enabled the 'disabled' will be a button). Run the DirectDraw and Direct3D tests there to see if they work or not.

When you're given the resolutions to run CM at do they only come up at 640 x 480 ? If DirectX's 3D is disabled you should only be offered "Software Mode 640 x 480".

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