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Upgrade limit per gameturn

Guest xwormwood

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Guest xwormwood

Engine: Current

Synopsis: Once you develop a new tech advance it shouldn't be possible to equp all of your units with it in the same game turn.

Design Summary:

My suggestion: allow every unit in your homecountry an instant upgrade (if the player has enough money to pay for it), because home is where your industry works for you.

For all units out of their home country could be an upgrade limit installed (one tank upgrade per game turn, p.e.), because

a) noone can produce (let us say) enough Tiger tanks for all his tank armies worldwide in just 14 weeks, a month or even two or three month.

B) and even if there would be such a country / such an industry (let us say) like the USA, it would still take time to equip every unit worldwide with the newest weapon systems, because the new weapons have to be shipped and installed to / at far away places.

Wouldn't it be a nice an easy to integrate addition, if different countries would have different limits / upgrade abilities per turn?

I wouldn't want to discuss the exacts numbers right now, because i lack of the exact datas, but with an update limit per turn you would have to choose which of your units is to get high tech weapons instantly and which at a later turn. Do you build a complete new unit with high tech, or do you give the best weapons direct to the front units.

Elite units don't have to be created as a new unit type, because the player would have to create his very own elite units by giving them the rare high tech weapons first, while the normale units would have to go on with some not so advanced weapons (just like in real world, isn't it?).

This would be a nice addition when it comes to display the most powerfull industries and the weaker ones as well

Problem #1: The Ai would probably have a an impossible task to choose the most worthy units for an upgrade (because it has obviously problems even with unlimited upgrades right now)

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