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Any word on 800x600 software rendering?


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It seems that neither Macs or Windows boxes [ they're BOTH PCs smile.gif ] Can run CMBB in software rendering because CMBB forces resolution down to 640x480 but then later checks for 800x600 resolution and tells you you need 8x6 to play.

It is probably an oversight, not expecting many people to play in software mode, but I think a good number of Mac users will do so for convenience. Especially those of us that don't need the extra graphics. The engine in CMBO was used to start CMBB and I'm guessing this is where the auto 640x480 resolution change came from, but the new 8x6 requirement is needed for the interface and they just forgot about software rendering forcing back into 640x480.

Any chance on this being fixed/changed for the final version?? I know you guys are up to your eyeballs in work and it isn't the most important thing.. but I'd sure appreciate it, and it may get some PC users able to at least hobble through games until they can figure out their video card problems.

Keep up the great work. Scott Karch

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