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WWII Dropteam


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I thought of a great design for DT WWII. Why not call it DT WWII: Blended Boundaries, and make it a game where each player has intensive control over his avatar?

Here's what I mean:

The player should be able to create his own soldier, select the uniform, select a helmet, and decide on the weapons he could carry in these categories:

Main Weapon (Assault Rifle [Yes they had one back then!], Rifle, Carbine, Sub-Machine Gun, or Light Machine Gun)

Maximum number: 1

Auxiliary (Rifle Grenade Launcher, Bayonet)

Maximum Number: N/A

Sidearm (Any Pistol of the period)

Maximum Number: 2

Grenades (Any from the period)

Maximum Number: 6

Anti-Tank: (Any from the period)

Maximum Number: 1

Then the player could play on any battle ground from WWII and a few possible ones, such as one in Ireland, under the historical assumption that Germany launched a diversionary attack in Ireland to facilitate the invasion of Great Britain. From there, the player should be able to create a online squad with the standard loadout just described and fight with other squads for a yearly championship.


The focus of the game should be on infantry and although jeeps of various kinds and infantry carriers from Bren gun carriers to half tracks of various kinds can be used, no tanks should be allowed.

That's all I have to say on this prospect.

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Since no one's had anything more to say, I'll pick up where I left off. Additions to what I laid out earlier: Armored cars will be allowed, as will field guns. Health packs can be thrown out, but once someone's killed, there is no reviving and they will have to respawn. Ammo can also be thrown out. And in a change from normal WWII games, the players can have their own maps ordered of other locations in which to fight. I know of some great maps from Steel Beasts that would look quite nice in DT WWII: Blended Boundaries, which brings me to another maps option: to fight on the same battlefields more than 60 years after the fact!

In another dimension, aircraft will be allowed, but only for landing troops and supplies. This opens up some great possibilities, such as having the player spawn on a glider in the middle of D-Day or Arnhem, flying down with the glider and taking a random amount of damage when he lands. Finally, anti-aircraft guns are also allowed to counter the air transports and gliders. As a bonus, the players could also fly and land the Messerschmitt 323 Gigant for some real thrills!

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