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DT 1on1 tournament


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I do smile.gif

Shall we go for something grand, scaleable or something manageable? my ideas:

manageable: we compile a list of a minimum of 8 players, divide them into 2 teams by random, and play for a best out of 3 games.

scaleable: we spend time scouring battlefront forums to get as many people on board and play with as many teams / rounds as seems practical.

grand: we define a scheme with several teams beforehand and only play if we get a sufficient number of players on board.

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So jby, you will be glad to know that Redcon and I met up earlier this week and decided to finish the final round of the tournament!

The first map was Haven where I was on the attack. Result: clear victory for me, with complete domination of the mountain achieved with over ten minutes left in the game.

The second map was the Dam (an admittedly more difficult map to attack, with its two native aa towers). Result: I weathered Redcon's Ion battery long enough to hold onto the objective and again achieve victory; to quote Redcon with about a minute left, "I yield".

So I believe the victor of this tournament was promised some sort of prize, correct? Here's a little hint if you are wondering what to get me: my Liveship is starting to get a little dinged up and rusty.

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