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Clay, I probably won't really be able to get a chunk of time for playing until this weekend. Would Saturday work for you? Early on Sunday would also probably be fine. See you in battle! (Or at least I'll see the tiny blob that is your tank when viewed from a Viper.)

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Originally posted by Redcon-5:

Ok Friday it is. Later is better. Say 10PST or when we are both on?

Sorry forgot that i have something going on around 8-11 PST so that might be a problem.

Maybe i can not do this other activty and fight you instead. That is a maybe. be on around 10 PST and if i'm not on saturday around 12PST is good

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As much as i would like a round robin, it would mean a lot more games, and I see this tourney as a lab scale experiment to see if this kind of thing would work and what unforseen difficulties we might encounter. (upscaling in biopharma is my current job btw ;) )

Jung, I can give you IG´s email (I think he won´t cut my head off with a hunting knife for that ;) ) and you can ask him if he will let you take his place.

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The first match of the tournament is over. And Redcon defeats Rua'anith 2 to 0. Scores below. AAR will follow after I sleep! Yes the fight was that hard.

Match 1 Rua'anith on defence

Redcon Attacking

Ok so I'm more asleep then I thought and I saved over the first scores. #@(*&*(@##

Match 2 Rua'anith Attacking

Redcon on defence


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Redcon and I got our battles cranked out tonight! Redcon won both so he is moving on. :( Both were very close matches, though.

1st Battle of the Dead Gulch: I was the first defender. I set up four turrets with 2 at each bridge head, and an AA turret under the bridge covered by a sensor jammer and sensor. I established a turret grid in his deployment zone and over the missile tower covering the bridge. After this there were AA turrets with jammers covering the rest of the map with aa fire.

Redcon's first drops were of massed infantry around the bridge. Many drop pods were taken out by the cobra missiles but some got through. Redcon quickly brought several squads up which were killed promptly. After all this the enemy bots start dropping in in Thors in the gaps in the AA cover. They took out some AA turrets and gave them better dropping ability. After this the game turned to a long range HEAT kills for about 10 minutes. I called in a Galaxy several times to cover the base and to reload my shrinking supply of shells. Soon after some Shrikes began annihilating Thor turrets thus causing panic in the ranks and Redcon slipped in and won it with something like 900-1000ish points range. I don't have the exact numbers (forgot to screen capture :rolleyes: )(After looking at Redcon put up he had the first matches scores ;) . That was 1056 to my 50).

2nd Battle of the Dead Gulch: This time I was on the attack. I hoped to use ion Thors to disrupt Redcon's main defenders and make him focus on the southeast and not the southwest.

After the end of the deployment phase my bots dropped in. I dropped in deployment zone with a Cutter in hopes to capture the main AA turret and disrupt his reinforcement flow. The bots dropping came under heavy 76 and 90mm fire because of Redcon's smartly deployed turrets. This led to the quick kill of my bots before they could do much good. Meanwhile my Cutter came under a fire mission and the last of the Blood turrets. My Cutter was forced to be scuttled :mad: and a took on a light unit attack role. After harassing the objective with heavy fire the defense finally broke and we took the bridge! However Redcon had a trick up his sleeve. Their was infantry under the bridge stopping us from scoring. I did the one thing I could do. I drove off the bridge and shot up 2 squads and they kept on trying to drop in and were shot down by Hermes fire. I took the points and didn't tell redcon ;) . Soon, though, he retook the bridge and we were unable to break their lines in time they had us and we were out of anything that would have made a difference. He won with 1091 points to my 63 :( .

Well that was the madness that was the tournement battles over Dead Gulch Crossing which left Recon moving up to the semi-finals! tongue.gif

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