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The Final Solution

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Question for you guys at Big Time. Considering the number and variety of problems posted on this board, can we expect a patch or patches any time soon which will begin to get the bugs out? And also, how much of this is truly a hardware problem? Not fixable without pulling out the wallet and putting down more cash.

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I'll offer my opinion on this.

A lot of problems end up being hardware and drivers that BTS can't control. Even the Mac side has a lot of variations in hardware, OS and other software that make tracking down problems a true pain. BTS has had to program around a lot of hardware issues already with CM, but this just isn't possible all of the time. To support one piece of hardware may require giving up features that the rest can support. It can become quite endless... and BTS was already being criticized by people on this board for "tweaking" the software for too long.

There are bugs/features that BTS will address that are definitely resolvable within their code. The unfortunate fact comes down to buying more compatible/reliable hardware or software for a number of the problems that people see on this board.

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