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I bought an iBook

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OK I gone out and bought an original iBook. This is a big step for me as ive been using wintel PC's for ages. My inital impression is hey this is fast and nice. It seems to be a much more complete product than wintel laptops which just seem to be a bunch of components thrown together in a small box. Also how come Mac users get a realy flash version of internet explorer? Its a much better product than the windows one.

Now come my list of probs. The ibook will only connect to the net on the v34 modem driver. The v90 one will hand shake but then lose the connection, I think it is trying to connect fast is there any way I can limit the connection speed myself?

I think I need to update some quickdraw stuff, do I just download quicktime? will this install all of the correct extensions? should I just upgrade to os9/x?

The 3d performance is nothing special but seems perfectly respectable. This machine's purpose in life is gona be a wordprocesser/ CM machine and thats all (well i might try some photoshop stuff as I got this software free with it).

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<blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by SpazManOught:

should I just upgrade to os9/x?<hr></blockquote>

Upgrading to 9 is definitely a good idea. I have been using 9.1 for about three months now and it is a real improvement over 8.6 which I had been previously using on another machine. Haven't tried 9.2.1 yet, but the reports are that it is even better. On the other hand, there is no point on getting more OS than your machine can take advantage of. Given that you say you will be using it mostly as a word processor, your needs won't justify cutting edge technology. But if you get seriously into image processing, you will want all the hard and software muscle you can get.


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Spaz, I assume you bought this iBook used and it's the color case one and not the current white iBook?

If you did get it used, I'd recommend that you re-install the OS, you can do this with all your other software in place, this will solve most weirdnesses and will give you a clean slate to start from.

What OS version are you using? OS 9.2.1 is VERY stable on my newer G4 and OS 9.0.4 (The last update before 9.1) had been great with my iMac, which is older than your iBook.

9.1 or 9.2.1 would be a good OS for you, I think if you buy OSX 10.1 you also get OS9.2.1


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Yeah its second hand blue iBook with os 8.6. Its had a clean install already, just found a link to a apple modem updater version 2 thing , might give that a try.

Also can I update the ati drivers. I cant find any mention of drivers on their website so are the ones which come with 8.6 the only ones i can use?


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There are some video driver updates that you'll probably want to install. Going to Apple's support site (you'll need to create a profile to actually get into the data) you need to find Article #60395 in the AppleCare Knowledgebase. This concerns an Apple provided update to the ATI drivers. There is also the ATI Universal Installer, but it may be a bit harder to install (since it is typically looking for a retail ATI card and not an on-board video chip).

I can't recall if installing the OpenGL 1.2.1 extension is desirable with your iBook and OS (it comes with the CM 1.12 patch).

Apple iBook Support

VersionTracker - ATI Universal Installer 4.2

There are also some applicable firmware updates for your iBook which may or may not have been applied by the previous owner (one affects the maximum amount of memory you can install in your iBook). There may be some other OS 8.6 updates on Apple's or VersionTracker's sites that you may want to search for.

OS 9.x may be a bit slower than 8.6, but the features and functionality may be worth it. I wouldn't recommend upgrading all the way to OS 9.2.1 however since a number of users have reported problems trying to use CM with that OS release (this isn't universal, but there are other games and applications that have problems with this particular OS). I'd recommend upgrading to 9.1 as the maximum for your iBook and I'd also recommend upgrading your memory if you only have 32 or 64Mb of memory, especially if you consider upgrading to OS 9.x.

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Thanks alot for the advice and links. Everything seems to work fine now.

Yeah I've only got 4megs of Vram ,but the game seems to play ok even though its in blur'O'vision 640 480. But hey I dont mind.

I 've got 96megs of ram, which seems like an ok amount judging by its current performance. Plus I can now play CM in the livingroom so my girlfriend doesnt give me some much gip for playing it ;) which is a very large added bonus.

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I have recently ditched wintel & bought a 2nd bondi ibook like you. (32Mb base ram & OS 9.04)

Short story, it stank, very unstable.

Lessons learn't:


1. upgrade the firmware (d/l it from apple)

2. install more ram (I installed additional 128Mb=160Mb total)

3. Get & clean Install OS 9.1 (optionally update to 9.2.1 if desired)

Now no prob's

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